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SHINee LIMS: The Last Icon Maker Standing

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Welcome to shineelims, the SHINee Last Icon Maker Standing challenge community that focuses on SM Entertainment's contemporary band, SHINee.

LIMS it is an icon making contest where participants commit for one round at a time and a few participants are voted off each week until there is only one left. The original idea of LIMS was thought up by disney_hush, and the inspiration for this comm came from asianlims and dbsk_lims. (taken from dbsk_lims)

01. Sign-ups. Sign-ups of the second challenge is here. Comment on the post saying that you would like to participate in the challenges. Please do join/watch the community so that you may be updated on the challenges and notices.
02. Skips. Each participant will be given one skip that could only be used once. Leave a comment on the challenge post to let the mod know that you will be skipping the round. Failure to submit an enrty for the first time counts as a skip. Skips may not be used on the last two challenges.
03. Schedule. You will be given four (4) days to submit your works. The challenges are posted on Monday, around 8:00pm (GMT+8). Deadline for submissions is on Friday, 11:00pm (GMT+8). Voting starts some thirty minutes after the deadline, and ends on Sunday, 7:00 p.m. Results will then be posted, followed by the posting of the new challenge.
04. Icons. Icons should fit LJ standards (100x100, 40 KB or less).
05. Only use images provided. All effects are allowed (animation, brushes, gradients, text, textures, blending, etc.)
06. Icons submitted must be new and must remain anonymous throughout the challenge. Violation of this results in elimination.
07. Reminders. A reminder will be posted every Wednesday.
08. Voting. Make sure to vote for your least favorite and favorite icon(s). The amount of votes needed for each will be specified on the voting post. When voting, you will need to provide an explanation for your choices, such as quality, technique, etc. Your vote cannot be based on personal preferences (such as favorite member, favorite color). We reserve the right to void any vote we feel is unfair or petty. (taken from dbsk_lims)
09. Results. As a result of your voting, there will be a post with: eliminated icons, people's choice and mod's choice (with voting tally and the comments). The participant with the most vote-offs will be eliminated. (taken from dbsk_lims)
10. Comeback Challenge. When there are only 5 or 6 participants left, a special round for participants who have been eliminated will be held. Winners of this round will be back in the challenge.
11. Challenge Winner. At the end a winner of the contest will be defined, and the information about him\her will be placed in the profile of the community. All the finalists will be awarded with prize-winning banners. (taken from dbsk_lims)
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